Sick Pay for Employers

Posted Feb 17 ,2020

Sick Pay

Working in hospitality can be a blast, especially for those who love to work around and with other people. However, it also has a reputation for attracting some who are less than reliable with call outs being more common this line of work than any other. Even worse, workers tend to quit with less notice than in other industries.

Everyone needs a sick day every once in a while. Americans take an average of 5.6 sick days per year. While this may not seem too bad, think of this from the perspective of an employer. Sick days are by nature unplanned, which means that this person was expected to be at work at a certain time but now other arrangements to be made. Also, if a company has just ten employees, they can expect someone to call in sick 56 times per year. That means that on any given workday, a company of that size has a 23% chance of someone calling in sick!

So, what can you do? Well, you could always try to call in other employees who aren’t scheduled for that day, but that’s no guarantee. How many times have you tried to call employees that weren’t scheduled, just to be sent to voicemail or have them turn you down? Another option is to hire on-call employees. However, this requires all of the work and hassle of hiring new employees who you may rarely end up needing. And since the work would be infrequent, you’re probably not getting the best of the litter.

What has traditionally been a popular option is using a temp agency. This would entail searching out an agency that has a list of people on call for when their customers have an immediate need, either for a day or an extended period of time. There are two issues with this, though. The first is that they send over who they send over, and you generally have little choice in the matter. They send over the people they have available at that moment. This often means “someone,” not necessarily the best person for the job. They’re just sending you a warm body.

Thankfully you now have a better option! Paarop gives you the ability to work directly with the Service Provider so that you can negotiate a price that works for both of you without having to share too much with a middleman. Plus, you have complete control over who you choose to work for that given period of time. You can choose from Service Providers that you have personally used yourself in the past or you can look through lists of new ones. Each one of our Service Providers has a profile with real customer reviews, so you can get a quick idea of who will work best for your needs. 

Just because one or more of your employees call in sick doesn’t have to be a disaster. Whether you need servers, busboys, bartenders or more, with Paarop, you can be sure to have the solution to this common problem right at your fingertips!

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